The Steel Study Podcast, Episode #13: 7/16/21: Interview with Neal Coolong

By Jeremy Hritz

It’s episode #13 of The Steel Study Podcast, and it’s a great show, as Neal Coolong, one of the OGs of the Steelers blogosphere and journalism, joins me to talk how he began covering the team, the recent domestic incident involving Dwayne Haskins, the UDRFA class, the recent hate-fest on Big Ben, and his prediction for the outcome for the Steelers in the 2021 season. One thing is for certain, Neal knows the Steelers, and his unique perspective makes for an engaging and enjoyable interview. As you get ready for training camp, make sure you listen to this!

You can follow Neal on Twitter @NealCoolong, so please do so and give him a shout-out! Neal also serves as the senior editor for all of the NFL sites for USA Today, and you can check out the USA Today Steelers site, Steelers Wire HERE.

My shout-out to Studians continues, as I give props to Gary Curtis @wineblogman. Gary, thank you so much for following the site, it is appreciated! Gratitude to you! I hope you have a great day and a great weekend! Please give Gary a follow!

I reference Dave Bryan’s interview on the Terrible Podcast with Joel Corry. Give it a listen, it’s a great dive into all things salaries and cap space. You can access it HERE. Dave also talks the TJ contract in an article on the Depot that you can access HERE. Great work as always by the Depot crew.

If you haven’t checked out my analysis of QBs who have played 18 years yet, be sure to do so HERE.

Lots of great content coming to you, so stay tuned! As always, thank you for listening and for sharing with your family and friends! Email me at and follow the Study on Twitter @SteelStudy. Have a great weekend! Peace!

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