Steel Study Steelers Wrap Up: OLB Depth, Morgan Moses, and Richard Sherman

By Jeremy Hritz

It’s the end of a week and a new one is upon us, and we are getting closer to the start of OTAs and Mandatory Minicamp. Sooner rather than later, we will get to see the Steelers come together for the first time in their new composition, drafted and undrafted rookie free agents with the vets intermingled. Very exciting. As we close enjoy this Sunday, here are some closing Steelers thoughts for the week:

Free Agent OLB, or No?

The Steelers still have yet to add to their depth at the outside linebacker position, and I thought their interest in Ryan Kerrigan was indicative that they were soon to be on the move at that position. It hasn’t happened yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. The team could be waiting until the completion of OTAs and Minicamp before they make their ultimate decision on whether or not to sign a mid-tier player. If they don’t, it means they have confidence in the depth they currently have, even if it is a group of inexperienced players beyond Cassius Marsh.

Morgan Moses to the Steelers?

Earlier in the week, the Washington Redskins released veteran offensive tackle, Morgan Moses. At 30 years of age, Moses is experienced and would bring some stability to the tackle position for the Steelers, and if he were to be signed, it would to be a starter. Something that plays in his favor is that he is a strong run blocker, which seems to align with the new direction of the OL. This story is worth paying attention to as next week unfolds.

Richard Sherman a Steeler?

In an interview with Stephen A. Smith’s, Richard Sherman was asked about signing with the Steelers, and he said he had yet to hear from them, to which Smith responded he would reach out to Mike Tomlin. At 33 years of age, this doesn’t seem like a plausible move, but it made for some clickbait over the weekend. I would be shocked if this signing were to occur, but stranger things…

Reflecting on the Defense from 2020

The Steelers’ defensive unit was still strong in 2020; however, there were lapses in giving up the explosive passing play, in addition to being soft against the run, especially late in the season. In the playoff game against the Browns, the Steelers gave up 127 yards, which may not seem like a lot, but at 6 yards per carry, in addition to being overpowered by the Browns’ offensive line, there are reasons for concerns heading into the 2021 season. While much of this can be attributed to the absence of Devin Bush at ILB and Bud Dupree at OLB, the defensive line had a very poor showing against the Browns, which was preceded by average play in the regular season. Maybe last year was an anomaly due to the injuries on defense, but it is an area to pay attention to as the season gets closer.

What’s on Tap for the Steelers This Week?

OTAs (Official Team Activities) offseason workouts are schedule this week from May 25th through the 27th. We should get some nuggets out of these sessions. Mandatory Minicamp will be June 8th through the 10th.

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