The Steel Study Podcast, Episode # 5: 5/22/21

By Andrew and Jeremy

It’s episode # 5, and we dig into the upcoming Steelers’ contingent entering the Hall of Fame and what makes the Steelers’ organization so successful; undrafted free agents and the hope and potential of the underdog; and a history bomb from the Mule about the Ravens and how they owe their livelihood to the state of PA! We hope you enjoy! Please share with family and friends, and thank you so much for listening! Drop us a line at or follow us on Twitter @SteelStudy! THANK YOU!

PS – we had some technical difficulties with our sound, and we are working on that for our next episode! Your understanding is appreciated!

3 thoughts on “The Steel Study Podcast, Episode # 5: 5/22/21

  1. Andrew three great points #1 Bruce Arians what about the great job he did in Indy! Loved the point about less draft picks. Also we had a great running back in all our super bowl years and could have won another if one or the other wouldn’t have been injured. Thinking Reggie Harrisson. Thanks for the history! Need my input I’m available. Have a great Sunday!

  2. And a great quarterback sorry Andew. It’s Saturday night and working in the garden having a few adult beverages hahaha!

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