Study Session, Episode #46: 7/9/21: Talking 53 Man Roster on Offense Pre-Training Camp

Happy Friday, Studians! Welcome to a new edition of the Study Session with your host, Jeremy! Listen as Jeremy discusses the offensive side of the football in terms of the 53-man roster and the most intense roster battles that will take place in camp and in the pre-season. Thank you for listening! Please drop meContinue reading “Study Session, Episode #46: 7/9/21: Talking 53 Man Roster on Offense Pre-Training Camp”

Steelers Depth Chart Analyses: Links to All Positions In Post

By Jeremy Hritz Please find every the analysis for the depth chart at every position for the 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers. Please note that I am in the process of updating the Guard Depth Chart Analysis, as it was written prior to David DeCastro’s release. Position Link Quarterback Running Back Tight End WideContinue reading “Steelers Depth Chart Analyses: Links to All Positions In Post”

Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Special Teams

By Jeremy Hritz This is the final installment in our Depth Chart analysis series for the 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers, and it concludes with special teams. Being that special teams are different from your traditional positions on the rosters, this breakdown will look a bit different from the others in this catalog. While not receiving asContinue reading “Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Special Teams”

Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Defensive Line

By Jeremy Hritz The Pittsburgh Steelers defensive line is strong. Truthfully, there may not be a better front in the NFL. Not only that, after numerous seasons together, the rapport between the defensive linemen is invaluable, and a big reason why there is so much cohesion between the group. While the available DL depth isContinue reading “Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Defensive Line”

Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Safety

By Jeremy Hritz Safety is currently a position of strength at the starting spots for the Pittsburgh Steelers, with both playmaking ability and experience. However, like several other positions on the team, beyond the first-string talent, the depth is young and unproven. Should there be an injury and the safety depth be tested, the teamContinue reading “Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Safety”

Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Inside Linebacker

By Jeremy Hritz Our study of the 2021 Steelers depth chart continues with a look at the inside linebacker position. ILB was a spot annihilated by injuries last season, and it was a primary reason for the drastic drop off in quality of play on defense, as players cycled in and out, resulting in aContinue reading “Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Inside Linebacker”

Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Cornerback

By Jeremy Hritz Our depth chart analysis continues with the cornerback position, and with the departure of Stephen Nelson and the aging of Joe Haden, there are question marks at the position. Beyond Haden, the CB room is unproven, young, though hungry and eager, to show they can contribute in the Steelers secondary. Just howContinue reading “Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Cornerback”

Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Outside Linebacker

By Jeremy Hritz There may be no position more important to the success of the Steelers defense to the than outside linebacker. Additionally, no other position on the defense is more synonymous with the toughness and physicality of the Steelers than outside linebacker. Historically, edge rushers of the black and gold have owned space inContinue reading “Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Outside Linebacker”

2021 Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Tackle

By Jeremy Hritz The offensive line poses the most questions for the 2021 Steelers team, with numerous uncertainties. Unfortunately for the Steelers, if the outcomes of those questions at tackle are not satisfactory, the well-being and health of their franchise quarterback will be in jeopardy, as will the ultimate success of the team.  The SteelersContinue reading “2021 Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Tackle”

2021 Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Wide Receiver

By Jeremy Hritz The wide receiving corps is deep, talented, and experienced, and you could make the argument that it is the best group Ben Roethlisberger has ever had in his 19 years as the Steelers starter. Sure, a big-playmaker like Antonio Brown is not on the roster, but the players who are comprise aContinue reading “2021 Steelers Depth Chart Analysis: Wide Receiver”