2023 Steelers Positional Evaluations: Wide Receiver

By Jeremy Hritz If there is one position I’m betting on the Steelers to draft this coming spring, it’s wide receiver. Sure, they have talent, and yes, George Pickens has the potential to become a superstar, but beyond that, Diontae Johnson is inconsistent, Steven Sims is primarily a return man, and Gunnar Olzewski and MilesContinue reading “2023 Steelers Positional Evaluations: Wide Receiver”

2023 Steelers Positional Evaluations: Offensive Line

By Jeremy Hritz The 2022 season began with several questions about the quality of the offensive line in terms of its ability to pass protect, run block, and flat out show that it could be an average unit. The expectations were not that high, but even with those expectations of mediocrity, the OL failed toContinue reading “2023 Steelers Positional Evaluations: Offensive Line”

2023 Steelers Positional Evaluations: Tight End

By Jeremy Hritz “The Steelers are going to throw more to the tight end this year.” Does this refrain sound familiar?  For the longest time, it was the running joke that “this” would be the year that the tight end was targeted in the Steelers offense, and in 2022, it was factual.  Second year TEContinue reading “2023 Steelers Positional Evaluations: Tight End”

2023 Steelers Offseason Positional Evaluations: Running Back

By Jeremy Hritz The Steelers running game emerged in 2022, though it didn’t achieve its strongest form until the second half of the season. To open the year, Najee Harris recovered from a LisFranc injury that inhibited his effectiveness, and to compound matters, the offensive line struggled to establish any type of consistency. However, asContinue reading “2023 Steelers Offseason Positional Evaluations: Running Back”

2023 Steelers Offseason Positional Evaluations: Quarterback

By Jeremy Hritz 2023 was supposed to be a transitional year for the Steelers, and at no other position was this more apparent than at quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger, who for 18 years led this team to consistent winning seasons and Super Bowls, retired, and vacated a spot that would then apparently be battled for inContinue reading “2023 Steelers Offseason Positional Evaluations: Quarterback”