Steelers Study Notes, 8/30/22: Dulac Says Rudolph Staying Put, ILB Thoughts, and What to Do with Calvin Austin?

By Jeremy Hritz

It’s cut down day. A day that professional football players at the bottom of their teams’ rosters across North America dread. By 4:00 pm, they will know their football fate, and where their prospects stand for the upcoming 2022 NFL season.

The Steelers are no different, and there are multiple players on the fringe of making the roster. While there are many predictable moves coming, the team assuredly will offer some surprises when the dust clears. As you get ready for the finalization of the 53-man roster, here are my Steelers Study Notes for your review here on this August 30, 2022.

  • How great of a story will it be if Jaylen Warren make this team? An UDRFA out of Oklahoma State where he only played for a year and was named captain, he is a true warrior and underdog. All throughout camp and the preseason, he showed ability in running, receiving, and blocking as a running back, and there may be an intangible star quality within him. Not saying he will be a Pro Bowler, but a player who naturally elevates the play of his teammates through his unrelenting effort. Best of luck to Warren today.
  • Will Mason Rudolph be moved? Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Gerry Dulac reports that the Steelers are not interested in trading him unless they can get a 4th rounder. We all know what happens when Dulac makes a prediction like this, so it may be a safe bet to unload your Rudolph jersey…
  • Devin Bush played a bit better against the Lions, but was it good enough? He probably did enough to make the team, but unless he can become more consistent, he could be a liability in the middle of the defense. Not to say that Robert Spillane or Mark Robinson would fare much better, Spillane because he is limited athletically, Robinson because he is so raw. Thankfully, Myles Jack came to play.
  • What to do with Calvin Austin? A talented player, undoubtedly. But his availability was tiny during camp and preseason. Does he make the team on potential alone? Do they put him on IR? Do they cut him? Interested to see how they approach his status with the roster.
  • Will Omar Khan make a move for an offensive lineman today? An outside backer? An insider backer? A position we are not even thinking about? Odds are pretty good, as the Steelers have been active with trades in August prior to the start of the season.
  • Who will the team target to sign who are victims of cuts from other NFL teams? Any potential former Steelers reunions in the works?
  • Does quarterback Chris Oladokun return to the team on the practice squad today?
  • For those of you counting, there are only 13 days until the first regular season game in Cincinnati. Where did the time go?

That is all for today! Make it a great one!


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