Study Session, Season #2, Episode #391: 8/20/22: Steelers Saturday Mailbag, Plus Preview of Tonight’s Jags Game

By Jeremy Hritz

Happy Game Day, Steel Studians!!! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend here on this August 20th and that you are ready for your Pittsburgh Steelers to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Join me today as I get into a quickie of a Steelers Saturday Mailbag, in addition to previewing tonight’s game. Much gratitude to you for supporting The Steel Study and for sharing with your family and friends, it means the world to me! Please leave a comment below, drop me a line via email at, and also give me a follow on Twitter @SteelStudy. Please also check out the podcast I do with Jim Wexell over on his site, The Steel City Insider, it is called The Steel City Insider Podcast, and you definitely want to check it out!

Pittsburgh Steelers 
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