Chris Oladokun, QB: Steelers Draft Pick Analysis

By Jeremy Hritz

Over the course of the next week, I will be profiling all of the Steelers draft picks and undrafted rookie free agents. The goal is to give you a comprehensive look at all of the new players to familiarize you with what they have to offer and what they can possibly contribute in the 2022 season.


With the Steelers final selection of the 2022 NFL Draft, the team selected quarterback Chris Oladokun from South Dakota State University. With the QB position in flux after the retirement of Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger, and the tragic passing of Dwayne Haskins, the Steelers made a second selection of a quarterback to ensure their top-3 are game-ready and possess the required talents of a modern day signal caller, mobility and all. Whether or not Oladokun makes the roster is an unknown, but his skillset is exciting to think about heading into 2022.

Player Profile

Height6’1SchoolSouth Dakota State University
Age24HometownTampa, Florida


40-Yard Dash4.6820-Yard SplitNA
Bench NAGames PlayedNA

College Passing Statistics

Source: College Football Reference


Chris Oladokun has several resources to draw upon in his effort to grow into an NFL quarterback, namely mobility and arm strength, two things that cannot be taught nor developed at the NFL level: You either have them, or you don’t. Shows a penchant for throwing the deep ball, in addition to zipping passes into tiny spaces with precision. Release is quick and snap is impressive. Athletic, which results in true-playmaking capabilities.

Areas for Growth

Raw. Very, very, very raw. While Oladokun has the tools and traits, whether or not they can all be harnessed effectively into a complete quarterbacking package remains to be seen. As with most QBs coming out of college, but especially Oladokun, accuracy needs significant improvement. Bounced around a lot in college, and didn’t play against high-level competition. Offensive scheme was limited, so will have to adapt to Pro Style offense. Is 24, going on 25, so an older prospect for the position.

Where Does He Fit Into the Depth Chart?

Oladokun will be given every opportunity to show he can be the QB#3 on this roster, but that does not mean he will make that a reality. His athleticism, mobility, and arm strength are simply too valuable to not try and polish him to a place where can serve as the third stringer. If his rawness is too much to overcome, he will be stashed on the practice squad.

Projected Contribution in 2022

I’ll go out on a limb here and project Oladokun making the 53 man roster as the third quarterback, and his tools and traits make him able to be utilized in a simplistic package and be effective if ever needed in a pinch. While he won’t get any snaps, outside of a trick play or two during the year, this is a pick of promise and hope, and the Steelers will give him every opportunity to develop.

Did You Know?

Played at 3 different schools: South Florida, Samford, and South Dakota State. You know who else played at Samford? Quack, quack. Duck Hodges.

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