Kenny Pickett Is It!!! Steelers Select QB Pickett at #20!

By Jeremy Hritz

The first round of the NFL Draft for the Steelers is in the books, and for the record, the Pittsburgh Steelers have selected quarterback Kenny Pickett out of the University of Pittsburgh at #20. What a big day for the Steelers organization, as they are able to exorcise the demons of the missed pick of Dan Marino back in the 80’s with the selection of Pickett. While nothing is guaranteed with this selection, just what does it all mean?

Pickett Can Sit and Learn Behind Trubisky

There is no rush to get Pickett on the field, but he is the most NFL ready of any of the Big 5 of this draft class of QBs. Mitchell Trubisky will be given the starting opportunity, but at first sign of faltering, Pickett will be given the nod. Pickett’s selection puts a shorter leash on Trubisky, and I wouldn’t be surprised if after average performance by midseason that Pickett is named the starter.

Mason Rudolph Is on the Way Out

Why keep Rudolph now? Look for the Oklahoma State QB to be traded in the coming days of the draft, as he is now 3rd string behind Trusbisky and Pickett. Question is, is there a market for Rudolph? What a waste of a 3rd round pick. Best case scenario, Steelers get a 6th or 7th for Rudolph.

Steelers Nation Will Embrace Pickett

Pickett will immediately be embraced by Steelers Nation with his ties to Pittsburgh from his time as Pitt. He has the opportunity, should he perform well early, to win the city over, and show that he can be QB#1 for the Steelers for many years ahead.

Pickett Will Need Less Time

Different from the other QBs in this year’s draft, Pickett will need less time to develop in order to show he can start for this team. What this means is that it is not out of question for him to be in the starting lineup sooner rather than later. Pickett is the most NFL ready of all of the Big 5, and he will be ready to show what he can do for this team.

Pickett Has Intution

When looking at the Big 5, Pickett has a natural feel for the game, and the uncanny ability to put the ball where it needs to be, no matter what the situation. He has the touch and awareness regardless of the game context, and this no doubt will be the trait that will lead him to success in the NFL.

Dude Is Tough as Hell

Finally, Pickett is tough as hell, and he embodies the spirit of Pittsburgh. He is a competitor, fearless, and if he puts it all together, he can be a player we are talking about for years in Pittsburgh as someone who personifies the city.

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