Steelers Kevin Colbert Speaks, We Listen: Tuitt To Be Determined, QB Will Be Addressed, and Deep Positions of 2022 Draft

By Jeremy Hritz

Kevin Colbert, who will be departing the Steelers as General Manager following this year’s NFL Draft, spoke to the media on Monday, and he shared several valuable nuggets that definitely provide some insight into the direction of the team this offseason. Below are some of the highlights.

On the Abundance of Salary Cap Space

“I think we can comfortably say we will have more salary cap room this year than we have had. I can’t even remember when we had any excess room. We’re anticipating having more room going into this process.”

On Mason Rudolph

“We have confidence that Mason Rudolph, if we started today, would be our starter and we’re excited to see where that can go. We’re excited to see what’s next for Mason.”

On Pursuing QBs in Draft, Free Agency

“We know we’re going to add to the position. I can’t tell you how at this point. We will go to camp with four. If we had to start today with Mason as our starter, let’s go. We’ll try to build the best team around him.”

On Stephon Tuitt

“Been in contact with Stephon. Open to continuing to help him, continue to evaluate that position and his availability to us.”

On Devin Bush

“Devin Bush, I think, will be a better player in 2022.”

“I know Devin can play better because he has played better.”

On Strengths/Weaknesses of This Year’s Draft Class

From Bob Labriola (Twitter)

“Kevin Colbert listed the 2022 draft class strengths, weaknesses: WR, OT, CB, OLB are deep positions; G-C, DTs not so deep.”

On Compensatory Picks

From Dale Lolley (Twitter)

“Colbert said the Steelers expect to receive one additional compensatory pick sometime in early March.”

On Kendrick Green

“Kendrick did a lot of good things for us, and when he hurt the calf, he wasn’t benched for inefficient play. He was benched because he was hurt. We know that Kendrick can play guard. We know he can play center. Is it our best option? We’ll see where we go in the next 2 months.”

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