The Steel Study Podcast, 7/30/21: Steelers Friday Night Lights Practice Recap, Players Arrow Up/Down In Camp, and News Updates

By Jeremy Hritz

Welcome to The Steel Study Podcast, episode #15! I am your host, Jeremy Hritz, and glad to welcome you back for another edition of the show! Tonight, I give a recap of the Friday Night Lights Practice at Heinz Field, discuss those players whose arrow is pointed up/down based on the first two weeks of training camp, in addition to dropping a history nugget about undrafted rookie free agents and the Steelers.

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Much love to Akira the Don for letting me utilize his music on the show. You can follow Akira @AkiratheDon on Twitter. Dude is life-changing!

Also, props to the one, the only, Alex Kozora, whom you can follow @Alex_Kozora. His daily training camp reports on the Steelers Depot are phenomenal.

Have a great weekend, and here we come August! Peace!

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