The Steel Study Podcast, Episode #12: 7/9/21: Talking Troy Polamalu and Steelers 53 Man Roster with Jim Wexell

Episode #12 of The Steel Study Podcast is here! I am grateful to have Jim Wexell joins us for a second consecutive week to talk more about his book, Polamalu, and also the 2021 Steelers 53 man roster. It’s a great discussion, and just flat-out fun, as Jim is a good human being. Listen in an enjoy and be sure to share with your family and friends! You can drop me a line at and follow The Steel Study on Twitter @SteelStudy. Much gratitude for your support and following the site!

I also am starting to give shout-outs and recognitions to our Twitter followers, starting this week with Jesse Marie, who you can follow @Joycestacy13. Jessie Marie is a massively passionate and loyal Steelers fan, who just happens to also be hilarious! Be sure to follow her and say hey! Thank you, Jesse for connecting with The Steel Study!

Do yourself a favor and buy Jim’s book, Polamalu. You can find it at It is worth every penny, and it makes a great gift!

That is all, Studians! Make it a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week on The Steel Study Podcast! Peace!

Study Session, Episode #212: 1/21/22: Talking the Importance of Disconnecting for the Steelers, 2022 Schedule of Opponents The Steel Study Podcast

What is up Steel Studians, and happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week! Join me today as I talk about the importance of the team and organization putting some space between themselves and the game of football before they begin their preparations for the 2022 season. I also briefly take a look at the 2022 schedule of opponents. As always, thank you for supporting The Steel Study and for sharing my work with your family and friends! I’d love to hear from you, so please email me at, and also give me a follow on Twitter (@SteelStudy). You can also check out my other podcast with Jim Wexell called The Steelers Insider on Jim’s website, The Steel City Insider, or by clicking here: (SI PODCAST). Peace!
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