The Steel Study Podcast, Episode #11: 7/2/21: Interview with Jim Wexell, Author of New Book, Polamalu

Episode #11 is here, and I am pleased to share it with everyone this wonderful holiday Friday! The great Jim Wexell joins me, as he talks his experiences covering the Steelers since 1995, his new book entitled Polamalu, and he predictions for the upcoming 2021 Steelers season. It’s a fun and engaging interview, as Jim is a fun and engaging guy, and his stories about the Steelers are going to blow you away!

I am also encouraging you to buy his book which he can personalize for you with an autograph/message if you order from his website. You can find that at Please also check out Jim’s work at Steel City Insider by clicking HERE. Please also follow Jim on Twitter @jimwexell.

Jim also gives a shout-out to Gerry Dulac’s 23rd Annual Charity Golf Classic, and you can learn more about it by clicking HERE.

Please note: I am working on getting the video version of this interview up on the site, but I am having some technical difficulties with it. I hope to have that posted as soon as possible.

Study Session, Season #2, Episode #353: 6/23/22: Kenny Pickett Signs, Haden Back to the CLE, and More The Steel Study Podcast

What is up, Steel Studians, and welcome to episode #353 of the Study Session! Join me today as I discuss Kenny Pickett signing his rookie deal, Joe Haden potentially returning to Cleveland, and more.  Much gratitude to you for supporting The Steel Study and for sharing with your family and friends, it means the world to me! Please leave a comment below, drop me a line via email at, and also give me a follow on Twitter (@SteelStudy). Please also check out the podcast I do with (Jim Wexell) over on his site, (The Steel City Insider), it is called (The Steel City Insider Podcast), and you definitely want to check it out!
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