The Steel Study Podcast, Episode #9: 6/18/21

By Andrew Malkasian and Jeremy Hritz

Welcome to Episode #9 of The Steel Study Podcast, with your hosts Andrew and Jeremy. Today, we bring you a super-special episode as the one, the only Alex Kozora of joins us for an insightful, enlightening, and entertaining interview. Alex is tremendously knowledgeable about the Steelers, and his work on the Depot is high-quality. If you haven’t checked out his work yet, you are doing yourself a disservice! We hope you enjoy Episode #9! Please follow Alex at @Alex_Kozora on Twitter and read his work on! And please share this edition of The Steel Study Podcast with your family and friends. As always, we appreciate you, and hope you enjoy the show! Peace!


Alex’s article on Highsmith’s 3rd down pass rushes

Follow Alex Kozora on Twitter @Alex_Kozora

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One thought on “The Steel Study Podcast, Episode #9: 6/18/21

  1. Great job Andrew and Birds Great show! And Andrew I have a wealth of history of steelers and would share with you anytime. Again love you two’s show so refreshing!

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