The Steel Study Podcast, Episode # 6: 5/29/21

By Andrew and Jeremy

The 6th Episode of The Steel Study Podcast is here! Andrew and Jeremy dive into OTAs, the quarterback depth chart, a supreme history nugget, and a new segment called the Steelers Six Pack! Join these two pigskin nerds as they talk Steelers football and mercilessly bruise each others’ egos. Enjoy! Please share with your family and friends! Drop us an email at or follow us on Twitter @SteelStudy.

2 thoughts on “The Steel Study Podcast, Episode # 6: 5/29/21

  1. Andrew I agree it starts with the line always thought that. How line goes team goes Can you tell I was a lineman ha. Also loved Byron Whizer White Justice of the Supreme Court history . Hopefully they play Ben short Hahaha! Naseem no pressure just play your game! Great observations men!

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