Study Session, Episode # 13: 5/28/21

We made it! It’s Friday, and another episode of The Study Session! Listen in as Jeremy mourns the Pens loss, discusses more notes from OTAs, and ponders why TJ Watt has yet to win the Defensive Player of the Year. Enjoy! And please share with your family and friends! Send us an email at and follow us on Twitter @SteelStudy.

One thought on “Study Session, Episode # 13: 5/28/21

  1. Well as far as Ben totally ridiculous that’s what they thought about the GOAT Tom Brady in New England what’s he do? Win another Super Bowl. Talking about TJ I just don’t know he’s been consistent who knows what criteria they use. While the name Watt came up in your cast did they bring competition at the fullback position?

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