Wishing Summer Away

By Jeremy Hritz

Some people love the summer

A time for

BBQs, Beaches, sun, vacation, procrastination

A time for sprinklers, sparklers, 4th of July, radiant, beautiful explosions in the sky

But buried deep beneath that veneer of sunshiny smiles

For those with Black and Gold hearts and lungs and gold and black pupils and tongues

Is a melancholy that is vast, and a longing with reason

An ache, and a sadness, pining for the next Steelers season

With every rocket burst, hot dog, or dip in the pool

Is a dull ache, a heft, a summertime heat cooled

Because nothing is as sweet as the autumn crisp chill

And the sight of a foot ball arching with skill

From the hand that bears two rings, including one for the thumb

Despite the June and July jubilation, to the longing I succumb

I am here but not fully completely

My heart is at Heinz, and it’s not discreetly

Oh bring to me that game where legends of Pittsburgh are born

And speed up this summer

And let the jerseys be worn.

Nothing can compare, nor will it ever

To the game played in Pittsburgh with an oval-shaped leather.

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