2021 Steelers Draft and UDRFA Profiles

By Andrew and Jeremy

Here for your convenience are all of the profiles on the Steelers 9 draft selections from this year’s draft, in addition to the articles on rookie undrafted free agents, Roland Rivers and Mark Gilbert. Please share and enjoy!

Najee Harris – RB, Alabama: Round 1

Pat Freiermuth – TE, Penn State: Round 2

Kendrick Green – C, Illinois: Round 3

Dan Moore, Jr. – OT, Texas A&M: Round 4

Buddy Johnson – ILB, Texas A&M: Round 4

Isaiahh Loudermilk – DE, Wisconsin: Round 5

Quincey Roche – OLB, Miami: Round 6

Tre Norwood – CB/S, Oklahoma: Round 7

Pressley Harvin – P, Georgia Tech: Round 7

Roland Rivers – QB, Slippery Rock: UDRFA

Mark Gilbert – CB, Duke: UDRFA

Shakur Brown – CB, Michigan State: UDRFA

Donovan Stiner – S, Florida: UDRFA

Lamont Wade – S, Penn State: UDRFA

Jamar Watson – OLB, Kentucky: UDRFA

Calvin Bundage – OLB, Oklahoma State: UDRFA

Rico Bussey – WR, Hawaii: UDRFA

Isaiah McKoy – WR, Kent State: UDRFA

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