A Quick Steel Study of the Current Roster

By Jeremy Hritz

The NFL Draft is now a week old, and we have had some time to process the Steelers’ selections, as well as their undrafted free agents. While the starting lineup was upgraded and depth was filled, there are still areas to add players in between now and training camp, which got me thinking about the current roster (look out). 

Out of my curiosity, I downloaded the roster into a Google Sheet, added a filter, and began to drill down into the current composition of 2021 players, and today, I share with you my (dubious) findings. Over the next several weeks, I will be doing a study of the depth chart at each position to give an idea of the composition and competition that exists, plus the areas for growth that could detrimentally impact the team in game competition this season. 

For your enjoyment, here are some roster nuggets for your contemplation, or entertainment, whatever suits you this Mother’s Day.

Age Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Number

The youngest age of a player on the roster is 22, and there are 9 of them, including Shakur Brown, Devin Bush, Chase Claypool, Jamir Jones, Lamont Wade, Cody White, Pat Freiermuth, Kendrick Green, and Pressley Harvin. Almost reads as if it was this year’s entire cast of draft picks. 

The oldest player on the roster? None other than the legend himself, Mr. Ben Roethlisberger at 39. His closest competition for the AARP award is Tyson Alualu at 33. Damn, I feel (am) old.

The Position With the Most

This roster is crawling with linebackers, with more players than any other position at 16. While this is a combination of ILBs and OLBs, this position takes the cake. And yes, this includes long snapper who is also listed as a linebacker, Christian Kuntz. 

Fewest? Kicker. It’s Boz, and Boz alone.

I’m Taller Than You Are!

The shortest player on the roster is second year running back Anthony McFarland at 5’8, while the tallest is Calvin Taylor, DE, at 6’9, 310 pounds out of Kentucky. 

The lightest player on the team is rookie WR Matthew Sexton out of Eastern Michigan at 175 pounds, while the heaviest player is Pressley Harvin… nah just playing! It’s actually tackle Zach Banner at 335 pounds. Think that’d be a fair wrestling match?

Most Experience?

Another award for Mr. Roethlisberger, with 18 years experience. Closest to him? Alualu with 12 years, as well as Joe Haden. Where did the time go? 

Which College Is Best Represented?

The Steelers have 4 players from both Alabama and Kentucky, more than any other team on the roster. Think the Steelers like their SEC players?

How About Some Averages?

Average age of a Steelers player on the roster? 25.4 years of age

Average weight? 245 pounds 

Average experience? 4.05 years 

While the roster will change and shift several times in between now and training camp, this is the makeup as it stands now. Come August, as the starting lineup begins to take shape, hopefully this roster proves to be of championship caliber. 

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