PA Football and Bert Bell

By Andrew Malkasian The suburbs of Philadelphia certainly aren’t a hotbed of Steelers fandom necessarily. Yet, our mutual ambition for celebrating the Steelers from the other side of the state is less absurd than some would think. As far as I’m concerned, the Steelers and Eastern Pennsylvania, and by extension the Eagles, have much moreContinue reading “PA Football and Bert Bell”

Trade Up, Trade Down, or Stay Put?

By Jeremy Hritz The NFL Draft is almost here, and the buzz and enthusiasm is reaching a deafening peak. For NFL and Steelers nerds like myself, draft season is the equivalent to Christmas for a toddler, and there are lots of goodies that will be delivered over 3 days of magic and wonder, starting AprilContinue reading “Trade Up, Trade Down, or Stay Put?”

It’s Just Too Easy to Be a Pessimist

By Jeremy Hritz One of the beautiful elements of watching professional sports, especially the NFL, is that every team, any game, has the chance, the opportunity for victory. No matter the records, odds, airtight statistics, if you have 11 players lining up on offense and defense, your team has the potential to get it done.Continue reading “It’s Just Too Easy to Be a Pessimist”