Comparing the Preseason Performances of the 2022 NFL QB Rookies: Pickett, Willis, Ridder, Howell, Zappe, Corrall

By Jeremy Hritz

This past offseason, I spent a significant amount of time studying the top quarterback prospects in the 2022 Draft Class. This included Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, Desmond Ridder, Sam Howell, Bailey Zappe, and Matt Corrall. Below is a quick comparison and discussion of how these players have performed so far to see where Steelers rookie Pickett stands in comparison.

Bailey ZappeNE257*35*61.4378*6.612*36272.1
Sam HowellWAS2341955.92677.8*0140469.1
Desmond RidderATL2352057.124672034098
Malik WillisTEN2281346.41876.71048*5*80.5
Kenny PickettPIT2221986.4*1717.8*3*0242138.6*
Matt CorralCAR1241041.7692.90012249.3
2022 NFL Draft Class Rookie QBs – Statistics After 2 Preseason Games

Zappe has received the most snaps in New England, and therefore leads in attempts, completions, and yards. He was not touted as being as one of the top prospects in this year’s draft class, but his statistical output last year at Western Kentucky earned him an opportunity in the NFL. It appears he has a strong opportunity to make the Patriots’ roster as a backup.

Howell has struggled a bit with accuracy, though he has made some plays with his legs, showing his college rushing abilities have translated to the NFL. He is also tied with most yards per attempt with Pickett, which is consistent with his college and high school tape.

Ridder has made quite an impression quickly in Atlanta, and some are considering him the quarterback of the future. His accuracy has not been terrible, but not great, though he has looked poised and like a natural leader on the field.

Willis has made big plays both with his arms and his legs, but he has struggled mightily with his accuracy, as was the concern with him coming out of Liberty. He owns the longest throw amongst the 6 quarterbacks analyzed above.

Corrall suffered a season-ending injury, unfortunately. There were concerns surrounding his durability in the draft, and that reared its head early in his time with the Panthers.

Finally, Pickett has been solid, despite the fewest attempts of all of the QBs. He leads the group in completion percentage, touchdowns, and rating. He hopes to build on that success this weekend against the Lions.

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