Study Session, Episode #51: 7/14/21: The Recurring, Obligatory “Roethlisberger In Shape” Summer Narrative

Happy Hump Day, Steel Studians! It’s Wednesday, July 14th, and it is episode #51 of the Study Session! Join me as I give a few updates regarding current Steelers’ news, and then jump into the reports about Ben Roethlisberger’s conditioning this offseason. As always, thank you for listening! Please continue to share The Steel Study with your family and friends! You can drop me a line at and follow the site on Twitter @SteelStudy. Peace!

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PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS UNOFFICIAL SACK LEADERS – I discuss this data in today’s show, so here it is for your reference.

Study Session, Season 2, Episode #216: Evaluating the Steelers Tight End Room, What a Difference a Year Can Make The Steel Study Podcast

What is up, Steel Studians? Happy Practice Friday, and welcome to episode #216 of the Study Session. Join me today as I evaluate the Steelers tight end room and discuss how things have changed greatly for this position from last year to this year. Much gratitude to you for supporting The Steel Study and for sharing with your family and friends, it means the world to me! Please leave a comment below, drop me a line via email at, and also give me a follow on Twitter (@SteelStudy). Please also check out the podcast I do with (Jim Wexell) over on his site, (The Steel City Insider), it is called (The Steel City Insider Podcast), and you definitely want to check it out!
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