#ohthatsnajee: A Steel Study Poem

By Jeremy Hritz

No game has yet to be played, as August seems light years beyond.

But there is reason, hope–for a Steelers phenomenon.

Nary a carry, nor a snap, but the optimism is upon thee. 

Power, strength in black and gold, 



A folklore legend in the making, this man from Antioch.

All the tackles he’ll be breaking, as the Steelers pound the rock.

Steelers Nation from far and wide post-COVID come to see.

The man, the myth, the soon-to-be-legend



In just a fraction of moments, it’s clear he’s invested.

Throwing out the first pitch, and at the Pens game, he’s terrible towel tested.

A feeling of deep roots being settled in the ground.

A man from the bay found a new home in Steel town.


Franco, Rocky, Jerome, and yes, Willie, are waiting in anticipation.

To see their newly christened black and gold brethren re-energize the proud Steelers Nation.

As 4th quarters come with leads from the still alive talents of Big Ben,

The dreaded man with dreds will punish and run out the clock until the end.


And as victories and yards and touchdowns begin to Amass, 

He’ll show his versatility with sterling touchdown pass.

Could it be the Steelers have found another member of the Great Hall?

A legendary ball carrier who beckons Autumn’s call?


Like Christmas Eve, children we all are, as we painfully wait for this football jubilee.

To raise our arms, and chant in chorus,


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