The Steel Study Podcast, Episode #7: 6/4/21

Here we go, Episode #7! How fitting it is episode #7, as we release the first installment in our chronicle of Big Ben’s football career, beginning with a historical analysis of Steelers QBs. Andrew and Jeremy talk OTAs, the first installment of the Roethlisberger chronicle, and then for the first time, Jeremy tries to keep up with Andrew with his own history nugget! Join these Steel-nerds for another round of fun on The Steel Study Podcast! We appreciate your support and thank you for listening, and we ask you to continue to please share with your family and friends! We’d love to hear from you, so please send us an email to and also follow us on Twitter @SteelStudy. Have a great weekend! Peace!

One thought on “The Steel Study Podcast, Episode #7: 6/4/21

  1. Great presentation Andrew on the early quarterbacks I totally enjoyed and unfortunately I remember some of it! Not time period but was watching the game when Bradshaw played his last game against the Jets elbow totally gave out. Felt we could have won it all that year. Looking forward to hear the next session.

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